NE Iowa Motor Clowns


We’re Just Clownin’ Around


2014 Officers President: Mike Elsbernd
Vice President/Captain: Shad Roys
Secretary/Treasurer: Lee Voshell
Divan Representative: Dave Sutton, Oriental Guide
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Activities & Events  
Point of Contact  Mike Elsbernd – Complete the form below to send an email to Mike: 


Front Row Left to Right:  Kevin “Hoppy” Bemiss, Luke “Lucky” Reicks, Jason “Stuffy” Lensing, Mike “Stretchie” Elsbernd, Shad “PoPo” Roys, Lee “Honey Bee” Voshell, Dave “Smurf” Turner.

Back Row Left to Right:  Tyler “Slider” Johnson, Dave “Bubbles” Hartley, Ed Coobs, Willet “Wheelie” Miller, Vern “Happy Hooker” Schmitz, Vern “Stretch” Kirchoff, Mike “Burl” Hutton, Jack “Red Nose” Hagar, Marv “Whiskers” Berg

Not Pictured:  Gus “Raw Dawg” Berger, Elmer Alderdyce, Lloyd Hultman, Jason Knox, Steve “Crocodile” McCorkindale, Bud “Fancy” Miller, Harley “Spigot” Reichart