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Officers President: Darrell Zacharias
Vice President: Jeff Storjohann
Secretary: Carl Ellison
Treasurer: Larry Schmidt
Captain : Gig Billerbeck
Divan Representative: Dave Sutton, Chief Rabban
Description and/or Purpose To carry the Potentate, Divan and other Dignitaries in all Shrine parades also many area parades and homecoming parades.
Meetings We meet 1st Tuesday of the month at the 63 Diner in Waterloo.
Activities & Events Christmas Party – Sturgis Falls – Gather at Mobile Homes after parades.
Point of Contact Darrell Zacharias
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Ron Anderson
Hudson, IA
Gig Billerbeck
Reinbeck, IA
Jerry Christensen
Dike, IA
Tom Dietrich
Cedar Falls, IA
Bob Ehlers
Reinbeck, IA
Carl Ellison
Cedar Falls, IA
David Hemann
Reinbeck, IA
Sid Morris, PP
Cedar Falls, IA
Tom Rich
Dike, IA
Larry Schmidt
Waverly, IA
Jeff Storjohann
Reinbeck, IA
Harry Sullivan
Cedar Falls, IA
Chris Witt
Reinbeck, IA
Darrell Zacharias
Waterloo, IA

El Kahir Mobile Nobles

“Looking For A Few Good Men”