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We Lead The Shrine Parades

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Officers President: Steve Mortimore
Vice President: Jim Schultz
Treasurer: Robert Hansen
Divan Representative: Dale Roberge, High Priest & Prophet
Description and/or Purpose The El Kahir Color Guard had its beginning back in 1951 when it was organized as the Provost Guard. Its function then was to act as a police unit for El Kahir Shrine–controlling parade crowds, tiling doors during ceremonials, assisting the Potentate at his will and pleasure, and to help maintain the proper demeanor of the Nobility during ceremonials. The uniform was military in style with epaulets, Eisenhower jackets and paratrooper boots. However, through the years, the uniform has been transformed into a classy parade dress uniform.The Unit lacked a real purpose for existence as other units were formed to assist the El Kahir Shrine and Potentate. Subsequently, it was decided that the name would be changed to the “Color Guard”. The group was then developed into a precision Flag Drill Unit with an American flag point guard, a six-man front line consisting of the American, Canadian, Mexican, Panamanian, El Kahir Shrine, and Imperial Sir Russell ‘Doc’ Anthony’s Flags and a two-man line each carrying an American flag. Precision maneuvers were developed for the two-row flag bearers which are beautiful to watch, all this is done while the Unit still maintains a forward motion. It should be noted that these precision drills are only accomplished by many hours of concentrated drill practices. Directed by the captain, the practices are held every spring through midsummer; others are scheduled prior to any major parade activity.
Meetings Monthly meetings are the first Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Shrine Center.
Activities & Events Regular social activities which include their ladies are a mid-winter holiday dinner and a fall picnic at Pinicon Ridge Shelter.Fund Raisers include: Omelet breakfasts throughout the year and Fish Fries in the spring.
Point of Contact Steve Mortimer (319) 857-4050.  Complete the form below to send an email to Steve: