Cedar River Hillbilly Clan #165



Ther Ain’t Nuthin Like A Fambly Business

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Officers Raban of the Clan: Cuzzin Jason Bumgarner
Keeper of the Cob:  
Guardian of the Still: 
Keeper of the Quill & Till: Kuz’n Ken Anderson
Divan Representative: Ill. Sir Ron Devoll, Potentate
Description and/or Purpose The purpose of the Imperial Clan of the Grand & Glorious Order of the Hillbillies is to promote sociability among members and to provide finances for the Shriners Hospitals and Temple Transportation fund.
Meetings Meetin’s are held when the Raban of the Clan decides we need one, or when a new batch of moonshine’s ready from the still, whichever comes first.
Activities & Events Our clan’s done some perty fun (and funny) things since we started clear back in 03. We’ve put on a couple of Cornball concerts – one for a fall Shrine ceremonial, and one for that thar Grand Master of Masons in Iowa back in 07. We try and hold a Hillbilly Ball ever’ year, though it’s been a spell since we could get the clan all rounded up for one. We cook some vittles for a fundraiser once in a blue moon, and folks seem to like what we throw in a pot and call it food.In 2011, we took on a big annual fundraiser, and we’re sellin’ smoked turkey legs at the town festival in La Porte City in June. We raised $900 last year – woo-hee! Boy, do them drumsticks sell like hotcakes!All of our fundraising MUST go to either the Shrine Hospital or the Transportation Fund. We don’ take NO money for parties or fancy clothes or such. In 2011, the Clan was able to present a check for $2,000 to the Transportation Fund at the Walk of Smiles. Not bad for a bunch of hill folk, eh?

Our womenfolk are a big part of our clan. They do their own Hillbilly Mama degrees, and perty much tell us what to do most o’ the time.

We’re always lookin’ for honest hardworkin’ folks to come join our clan. Track down one of the officers if’n yure intersted, and we’ll get somethin’ started for y’all.

Point of Contact Complete the form below to send an email to Cuzzin Tom Boeckmann: