Information updated as of 4/30/2020

Nobles and Ladies,
With the Governor relaxing some restrictions in 77 counties I wanted to update everyone on what is will be happening at El Kahir going forward for the May and the start of June.
Currently with the latest information the I am ordering the following actions for El Kahir:

  • All unit/club or other meetings and any events
    • Meetings and events in the 22 counties that have been identified to remain under restrictions will be cancelled for the month of May.
    • Meetings and events that would be held in one of the 77 counties that have been identified for relaxed restrictions may have their May meeting only if:
      1. 1. There is a need for the meeting.
      2. 2. they are able to ensure that they are following all social distancing and legal restrictions put in place by the state of Iowa

    • Telephone or web meeting where all participants are separate will be allowed and encouraged, I have authorized the purchase of a Zoom subscription for web meetings. Please contact Recorder Noble Rick Bowersox to use the application.

  • The May Stated Meeting is cancelled.
  • The Potentate's Ball scheduled for May 2nd has been postponed until August 29th. More information will be communicated going forward.
  • The Shrine Center will remain closed and locked for the month of May.
  • Shriner Awareness on June 6th has been postponed and more information will be communicated when a new date has been booked.
  • Since Strawberry Point cancelled Strawberry days, the Caravan has been cancelled for June 13th and I will try to find another date to have a Caravan if parades are allowed this year.
  • The Shrine Picnic for June 13th has been postponed (since Caravan is cancelled). More information will be communicated when a new date has been booked.

I will continue to update you as decisions and steps are made as we move forward. My goal is to make the best decision that I can to protect the Shrine Nobles and Ladies. If we all take care and follow the distancing guidelines, I know that we all will get through this and be stronger for it.

Yours in the Faith
Dale Roberge II
Potentate El Kahir Shrine