Shriners Village

SV LogoNobles, the following are directions to sign in to Shriner’s Village.  This site is designed by the Imperial Shrine for Shriner’s like you and is about EVERYTHING Shrine!  Here you will be able to order Temple supplies, hear the Imperial Sir and his Lady’s message, watch videos, stay abreast of the latest news and events and keep current of all Hospital Happenings.  It is a tremendous resource for all Shriner’s.  Log on today and enjoy!   Also included is how you can become a virtual mentor.  This is a program through which Nobles get information about people interested in Masonry and/or becoming a Shriner in your area.  You receive their contact information and call them.  Interested candidates will be paired by location and interests.  Make yourself accessible to mentoring prospective Masons and Nobles by signing up at Shriner’s Village.

How to log in to Shriner’s Village – go to
1.  Select your Temple Name
2.  Enter your Member Number
3.  Enter your Last Name
4.  Enjoy your visit looking at all the content!

How to sign up to be a Virtual Mentor
1.  Log in to Shriner’s village
2.  Select Membership from Top Menu Bar
3.  Select Virtual Mentor Program from the left navigation bar
4.  Read the Information then click “ Sign Up Now”
5.  Verify and fill out the screens and press Submit
6.  Receive email welcome message from the Imperial Potentate

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