Iowa City Krazy Klowns



Officers President: Harold Plate
Vice President: Randy Rogers
Secretary: Jim Burr
Treasurer: Bob Woodburn
Divan Representative: Doug Strike, Assistant Rabban
Description and/or Purpose The Iowa City Krazy Klowns made application to El Kahir Temple to form a motorized clown unit on September 7, 1972. The application and by-laws were approved by Ill. Sir Joseph Sampson, on September 13, 1972, and the Krazy Klowns were born! Charter members were Cec Huff – President, Dave Homewood – Vice President, Lyle Zugg – Secretary, and Francis Wheeler – Treasurer.

The unit is a “motorized” unit in that it is closed to walking clowns, but anything from bicycles to scooters to the units miniature Model-T’s are used in parades. The unit also clowns at social events and children’s gatherings on a regular basis, and plans to expand this activity. Some members have recently clowned with other units, including the Jolly Jokers, and hopefully this joint activity will also expand.

Meetings We meet on the 4th Thursday of the month.

If you would like to know more, contact El Kahir Shrine for information. If you care about kids and love to see a smile on a child’s face, you have what it takes to be a Klown, and the Krazy Klowns want you.

Activities & Events The Krazy Klowns are proud to have 100% membership in the 100 Million Dollar Club, a foundation with the goal of raising an endowment fund of 100 million dollars to support the Shrine Children’s Hospitals. Any Noble who joins the Klowns is automatically enrolled in the 100 Million Dollar club by the Klowns, and all Nobles are encouraged to join in this worthwhile effort. All it takes is a donation of $100.00 to join the club.
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Back Row, L to R: Bob Woodburn, Bill Knowling, William Neubauer, Wayne Gardner,
Randy Rogers Front Row, L to R: Harold Plate, Karl Hieber,
Jim Norris, Tom Immermann