Flying Fez


The Wings Of El Kahir Shrine

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Officers President: William Robinson
Vice President: Ben Bendixen
Divan Representative: Jay Owens, Assistant Rabban
Description and/or Purpose The Flying Fez unit of the Shrine is made up of a group of volunteers whose purpose is to transport patients and their family escorts to a Shriner’s Children’s Hospital for treatment using aircraft owned and piloted by members. All pilots and their aircraft meet all requirements of the El Kahir Shrine.Pilots and aircraft alike are governed by strict federal law to insure both skill and airworthiness and thus safety. Pilots have several thousand hours logged in the aircraft they command and are very knowledgeable of and comfortable with their machine. They must pass stringent medical exams monitored by the Federal Aviation Administration in order to keep their license to fly current. The aircraft also must pass stringent examinations with regular “checkups” by certified aircraft mechanics. Anything found in need of replacement or repair must be attended to before the plane may leave the ground. This is in addition to any regular aircraft maintenance. No one but a mechanic certified by the Federal Aviation Administration may do any mechanical or body work on the aircraft. Not only is the pilot trained and licensed to fly his particular aircraft but at certain intervals his skills in the air are “checked out” by a qualified instructor. This check out includes emergency procedures. Once an aircraft engine is used for a particular number of hours it must be replaced – no matter if it is in excellent condition.It is not the intention of the Flying Fez members to encourage persons with a personal fear of flying to avail themselves of this benefit. It is our intent to make sure that those who wish to fly are comfortable with the skill of their pilot and the airworthiness of the aircraft – that they are comfortable with their trip. This is especially beneficial when the hospital is some distance from the departure airport and time saved by flying rather than driving is a factor.
Meetings The El Kahir Flying Fez meets the first Wednesday of each month.
Activities & Events Once a year, flying competitions are hosted by various Flying Fez units.
Point of Contact To become a proud member of the Flying Fez or to request information, complete the form below or contact the El Kahir Shrine 319-395-0109.